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CNN 10 - November 6, 2023

China`s Space Agency and Their Exploration; The Brewing Clash on Campus Between AI Chatbots and Professors; 276 Cat Expressions.

COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, sunshine. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I`m Coy Wire. This is CNN 10. Let`s get our minds right this

motivation Monday. New week`s bring new opportunities, but we only have seven Mondays left this year. Can you believe? So, let`s make the most of

them. We`ve got the best 10 minutes in news for you. And we start with the latest news regarding space. We`re getting a rare look inside of one of

China`s space centers. For two decades, just the United States and the Soviet Union we`re in competition to see who could be the first to conquer

space. The whole world watch as the Apollo 11 landed and human beings walked on the moon for the first time.

But now more than 50 years later, a new competition for space exploration has emerged with more countries involved as well, including China and

India. China is now in a race with the U.S. to set a permanent outpost and research station on the moon. The Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the

outpost [ˋaʊt͵post] n. 前哨,警戒部队;前哨基地

Gobi Desert is one of the places that China is pursuing its future in space. And CNN`s Marc Stewart takes us there to get an inside, look and

check out the launch of a Chinese spacecraft.


MARC STEWART, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): China has big ambitions in space. It operates a space station, has sent rovers to the far

side of the Moon and Mars, and is now aiming to put humans on the lunar surface. Those voyages begin in the middle of the Gobi Desert in Northern

China. After two flights and about four hours on the bus, we arrive at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

Access to the Space Center here is rare, and it is sprawling. There are so many buildings, so many streets. It`s very reminiscent of a small city or

sprawling [ˋsprɔlɪŋ] adj. 蔓生的;不规则地伸展的

reminiscent [͵rɛməˋnɪsnt] adj. 发人联想的[(+of)]

town. We`re here to witness the launch of the Shenzhou-17 spacecraft. From behind glass, we met its crew of three that are headed to China`s space

station. Since 2011, the U.S. government has effectively banned NASA from working with China in space, contributing to a 21st Century space race with

two super powers, both aiming for the moon and beyond. Through its Artemis program, NASA is aiming to set up a permanent lunar outpost later this

Artemis [ˋɑrtəməs] n.【希神】司月,狩猎,森林,野兽的女神

decade and China is aiming to set up a lunar research station on a similar timeframe.

timeframe [ˈtaɪm ˌfrem] n.【美】时间框架,时间范围

(On camera): Are there any benefits from this competitive environment?

ZHANG WANXIN, SENIOR OFFICIAL, CHINA ASTRONAUT RESEARCH AND TRAINING CENTER (through translator): I think a competitive environment can help us all

improve. Exploring space is the common goal for all mankind. So I think if we can work together, it will improve space exploration.

STEWART: Chinese officials stress they`ve never sought dominance in space. Yet once the international space station is retired by 2031 China`s

Tiangong space station may take on new prominence.

(On camera): If China, for a period of time is the only nation with a space station, how does China benefit?

LEROY CHIAO, FORMER ISS COMMANDER, NASA: If they`re the only game in town, that`s the only way that these countries can participate in human space


STEWART: Russia, as well as some commercial space companies have space station proposals in the works, but success for any of them is far from

guaranteed. China`s space program is a huge source of national pride. We talked to China`s first astronaut.

YANG LIWEI, CHINA`S FIRST ASTRONAUT IN SPACE (through translator): Looking at this launch as a veteran, the first thing I see is how far China`s manned

space flight has come. Over the past 20 years, it has developed rapidly and made great achievements. In them, I see the strength of our reserve force.

reserve force 后备力量

And the hope for the future development of China`s aerospace industry.

(On camera): We are just minutes away from liftoff. You can see the rocket back there. This is part of this bigger mission to maintain and expand

China`s space station.

(Voice-over): With each mission, China can learn more and continue to challenge what has been a long stretch of U.S. dominant in space.


WIRE: This winter, parts of the United States will be seeing lots of snow stack up. Thanks to a strong El Nino, the weather pattern in tropical

Pacific that typically brings weather and cooler weather scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA have created maps

to help people prepare.

The maps show snowfall during all El Nino winters and during moderate to strong El Nino winters. And this one, that shows the number of years with

below average snowfall during the 13 moderate to strong El Nino winters.

These maps though give a sense of what we might expect. They`re more like historical guides, not crystal ball forecast for the upcoming snow season.

This El Nino though is predicted to be the most powerful. The contiguous United States has seen in eight years when it caused the warmest winter on

contiguous [kənˋtɪgjʊəs] adj. 相近的,相邻的;毗邻的;互相连接的

record, while every El Nino winter is unique, it usually brings wetter and cooler conditions to the Southern U.S., and dryer warmer weather up north.

And that`s exactly what`s on the horizon for this winter.

Ten second trivia.

Which of these college degrees is considered the highest level of academic degree?

Master`s, Associate, Doctoral, or bachelor`s?

Just with the doctor order, the doctoral degree is the most advanced diploma symbolizing a person has mastered a specific area of study. This

year, we`ve talked about the growing influence potential and emerging concerns of the impact of artificial intelligence across many industries.

But what about education? It`s a question many college campuses are dealing with AI chatbots, programs that generate text. They`ve raised new questions

for many educators who are focused on students, not only getting the right answer, but also understanding the course material.

A survey of college students earlier this year showed more than 51% believe using AI tools to complete assignments and exams is cheating. While

plagiarism and cheating are not a new phenomenon in academia, these new tools have created a more complex environment and administrations are

plagiarism [ˋpledʒə͵rɪzəm] n. 抄袭;剽窃

academia [͵ækəˋdimɪə] n. 学术界;学术环境

struggling to set new ground rules. Should these tools be banned or is there a way that they could be used responsibly?

ground rule 基本原则,基本准则

The landscape is changing. There have been numerous cases of students being caught and punished for using AI. And there are also cases of students

saying they`ve been falsely accused of using the technology inappropriately. The response by professors has been varied with some

ignoring the new technology, some banning it and others are changing the way they format their exams. Some are switching back to written papers

format [ˋfɔrmæt] v. 安排…的版式

after many years of digital only. But how easy is it to spot AI content?




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These college professors say, students are increasingly cutting and pasting AI generated text in their essays, and

that is cheating. These professors say they`re not falling for it. And there are often three extremely obvious giveaways. Number one, the essay is suspiciously perfect.

fall for 对…信以为真

giveaway [ˋgɪvə͵we] n. 泄露; 暴露

suspiciously [səˋspɪʃəslɪ] adv. 可疑地;令人怀疑地

HICK: A ChatGPT generated essay looks like it was written by a very competent 12th grader.

competent [ˋkɑmpətənt] adj. 有能力的,能干的;能胜任的,称职的

CHRISTOPHER BARTEL, PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY, APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY: AI generated text has no mistakes. It`s like robotically, bland text.

Nobody would actually speak that way.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Another giveaway, the essay has no human voice.

KELTS: The built-in voice of a model like ChatGPT is the voice of a 50- year-old compliance lawyer.

compliance [kəmˋplaɪəns] n.(受雇于某公司,确保公司遵守相关法律法规的)合规; 承诺;顺从

SARAH ELAINE EATON, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION, UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY: It seems to lack vibrancy. There`s not a lot of authentic student

voice or experience in there.

BARTEL: An AI generated text feels like an essay that`s written by an intelligent person who has never had a class with me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And third, AI essays often cite false research.

HICK: Perhaps the biggest thing that a ChatGPT generated essay can do is shake the instructor`s own confidence in what they know about the source


BARTEL: It will just make things up. It will attribute ideas to people that could never have had those ideas.

ANTONY AUMANN, PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY, NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY: It`ll combine perfect grammar with something that`s like, obviously false.


distinguish between information and disinformation.

HICK: It will look like it`s quoting and it will look like it`s citing. But if those sources don`t look familiar to you, there`s a good chance.

This is written by AI.


WIRE: All right, you ever wonder, what`s behind your feline friends, furry faces? Today`s story getting a 10 out of 10 is all about expressions of

cattitude. Scientists observe 53 cats interacting at a cat cafe in California. Over a 10-month span, the study found that domesticated cats

have 276 different facial expressions. They determine that about 45% of those expressions were friendly, good kitty, while 37% were aggressive.

The study demonstrates the cat communication is more complex than previously assumed. And apparently cats are a meowtain of emotions and

their feelings are kitten all over their faces.

Look how cats because we have some bulldogs to shout out. Dunbar High School in Lexington, Kentucky, rise up. And we are also sending love to Tecumseh,

Oklahoma, Tecumseh Middle School, shine bright this motivation Monday. You never know when, you never know how or for whom, but you are going to be

the light that someone needs one day. I`m Coy Wire and we are CNN 10.





















outpost [ˋaʊt͵post] n. 前哨,警戒部队;前哨基地

sprawling [ˋsprɔlɪŋ] adj. 蔓生的;不规则地伸展的

reminiscent [͵rɛməˋnɪsnt] adj. 发人联想的[(+of)]

Artemis [ˋɑrtəməs] n.【希神】司月,狩猎,森林,野兽的女神

timeframe [ˈtaɪm ˌfrem] n.【美】时间框架,时间范围

reserve force 后备力量

contiguous [kənˋtɪgjʊəs] adj. 相近的,相邻的; 毗邻的; 互相连接的

plagiarism [ˋpledʒə͵rɪzəm] n. 抄袭;剽窃

academia [͵ækəˋdimɪə] n. 学术界;学术环境

ground rule 基本原则,基本准则

format [ˋfɔrmæt] v. 安排…的版式

fall for 对…信以为真

giveaway [ˋgɪvə͵we] n. 泄露; 暴露

suspiciously [səˋspɪʃəslɪ] adv. 可疑地;令人怀疑地

competent [ˋkɑmpətənt] adj. 有能力的,能干的;能胜任的,称职的

compliance [kəmˋplaɪəns] n.(受雇于某公司,确保公司遵守相关法律法规的)合规; 承诺;顺从


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