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CNN 10 - November 7, 2023

America Heads To The Polls For Election Day 2023; India`s Iconic Monument Shrouded In Smog; Exploding Pumpkins.

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Today, though, it is Tuesday, November 7th, and it`s not just any Tuesday. It`s the Tuesday after the first Monday of November, A-K-A election Day

here in the United States. Federal elections have historically happened on this day to accommodate farmers across the country. Did you know? It`s

accommodate [əˋkɑmə͵det] v.  给……方便

after the harvest, but before the weather gets too cold.

Why Tuesday? Well, people didn`t want to travel to the polls on Sundays because of church. And Wednesday was a day that a lot of farmers would take

their goods to the market to sell. That left Tuesday as one of the most convenient days to hold U.S. elections, something we still observe to this day.

Those who are heading to the polls today, they won`t be voting for president, that`s next year. But some cities will be voting for mayor, in

some states will be voting for governor, and other legislative and constitutional issues are on the table. The outcome of those elections

could give a better idea of how Americans are feeling about certain issues ahead of the U.S. presidential election next year. And you can follow along

right here with us on CNN.

Moving on now to another choice, multiple choice. Pop quiz, hot shot.

Ten second trivia. One of the world`s most iconic structures. The Taj Mahal is located in which city in India?

New Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, or Kolkata?

Beginning construction in 1632, the Taj Mahal is located in this city of Agra.

The Taj Mahal is considered one of the most beautiful sites in the world. In fact, it was named one of the new seven wonders of the world. But it

could become more difficult to see and to glimpse this glorious site because of pollution. It`s an unhealthy, even hazardous problem for parts

glimpse [glɪmps] v. 看一眼,瞥见[(+at)]

of India. Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai were among the 10 most polluted cities on earth this week, according to a Swiss company called IQAir. CNN`s

Michael Holmes explains what it all means.


MICHAEL HOLMES, CNN ANCHOR: India`s iconic monument, almost lost in the smog in the city of Agra. It`s not the site tourists nor the businesses,

which depend on them, want to see.

NIRANJAN SINGH, PHOTOGRAPHER (through translator): We are facing difficulty in taking pictures of Taj Mahal due to pollution. The Taj Mahal

is not clearly visible. Tourists are also facing issues.

HOLMES: Every year, when the temperatures drop and farmers burn their fields, the air turns toxic in many Indian cities. Delhi is notoriously

ranked among the world`s most polluted cities and the current air quality there has once again, reached hazardous conditions, forcing primary schools

to temporarily close and many people to work from home or just stay indoors altogether.

The problem is so serious. A recent air quality life index report says poor air quality could shorten an average Indian`s life expectancy by more than

five years. If World Health Organization guidelines on curbing pollution aren`t met. And it`s even affecting one of the country`s favorite pastimes.

India is currently hosting the Cricket World Cup with Bangladesh set to play Sri Lanka in a match in Delhi. But the air quality is so poor. Some

players are wearing masks and both teams have canceled training sessions. The coach of Bangladesh`s team says the conditions have not been ideal.

CHANDIKA HATHURUSINGHE, BANGLADESH CRICKET TEAM COARCH: Our doctors keep a close eye on players. Even for practice, we`re very conscious. We train

what we have to train, and they go back into the dressing room.

HOLMES: Unfortunately, for cricket fans and Delhi residents alike, officials say pollution levels are expected to be high for the next two to

three weeks. Michael Holmes, CNN.


WIRE: Hey, Siri?

SIRI: Uh-huh?

WIRE: Call earth.

SIRI: I don`t see Earth in your contacts, to who?

WIRE: I`m trying to make a call to earth.

SIRI: I don`t see earth in your contacts, to who?

WIRE: Never mind. It`s time for CNN`s Call to Earth. And we`re going to go diving into our next story with a team of researchers exploring underwater

sites so deep. It takes some three hours to resurface. They`re hoping their studies can help us better understand and preserve our oceans.


GHISLAIN BARDOUT, CO-FOUNDER & CO-DIRECTOR, UNDER THE POLE: When you are a diver, you are always curious to go to see a little bit further. I think

every single diver in the world, when you are about to go up, you always have an eye to the depth, to the bottom. Little by little, you want to go

deeper because you wonder what -- what are you going to find?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ghislain Bardout with his wife Emmanuelle in 2007, he has conducted thousands of dives often to 150 or even 200 meters deep. His

crew has explored everywhere from the Arctic to the Canary Islands, French Polynesia to the Caribbean.

BARDOUT: We are talking about new ecosystem that`s covered the entire planet. All the shore, everywhere. It`s just below 30 meters, 40 meters.

And there are, for sure, many species, many different ecosystem that all have a huge importance. So acquiring a better understanding of their, their

ecology is essential for the conservation of those depths.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With scientists aboard their boat “Under the Pole” aims to document these ecosystems for the first time and help preserve their


BARDOUT: The length of the missions are from months to years. It`s very demanding, very tiring. It`s a very big engagements, not only human

engagement. It`s a huge logistical, organizational engagement.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ghislain`s team are preparing for a six-month expedition, in the Mediterranean next year. That will take them from Greece

to Italy, to France.

EMMANUELLE PERIE-BARDOUT, CO-FOUNDER & CO-DIRECTOR, UNDER THE POLE: If we spend 20 minutes at 130 meters, we will -- we will take three hours to come

back to the surface. And this is not negotiable. You have to take this three hours, whatever happens. You need to be technically ready and

negotiable [nɪˋgoʃɪəb!] adj. 可协商的

psychologically ready also to make this type of dive. And, yeah, it takes years to be ready for that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In 2022, Under the Pole help gain protection for black coral forest in the Canary Islands. And they believe there is a similar

ecosystem to be explored on their Mediterranean voyage next year.

BARDOUT: In Greece, they already explored the depths with robots ROVs. So they know some fields of black corals, but are not able to study because of

the depths, because they do not have the divers to do so. And I like those missions where there`s huge collaborations, you know, with different people

that can do together something they cannot do alone or just with their own team.

PERIE-BARDOUT: Our mission is really to make the invisible visible, even if it`s deep, even if it`s very far away like in the polar regions, we need

this place and we need to protect it.


WIRE: Today`s story getting a 10 out of 10 looks like a really gourd time. What should you do with all those leftover pumpkins? Whatever you do, throw

them away before they get all moldy or gooey, or you could do with this middle school teacher in North Dakota did blowing up the pumpkins in the

moldy [ˋmoldɪ] adj. 发霉的

gooey [ˋguɪ] adj. 胶黏的

name of science. Do not try this at home.

He`s using the pumpkins to demonstrate a chemical reaction between water and a compound called calcium carbide. And this chemical reaction got a

calcium carbide [ˋkɑrbaɪd] 碳化钙

great reaction from the students.

Did you know, Jack O`Lanterns originated in Irelands to ward off evil spirits. But instead of using pumpkins, the Irish carved creepy faces into turnips.

ward off 避开; 挡住

turnip [ˋtɝnɪp] n. 芜菁; 大头菜

It`s time to turn up right here on CNN 10.

Our special shout out today goes to Jacksonville High School in Jacksonville, North Carolina, go Cardinals. Don`t forget to submit your

cardinal [ˋkɑrdnəl] n.(罗马天主教的)红衣主教,枢机主教

word for tomorrow`s show @coywire on the socials. We can’t wait to learn from you. I`m Coy Wire and we are CNN 10.





















accommodate [əˋkɑmə͵det] v. 给……方便

glimpse [glɪmps] v. 看一眼,瞥见[(+at)]

negotiable [nɪˋgoʃɪəb!] adj. 可协商的

moldy [ˋmoldɪ] adj. 发霉的

gooey [ˋguɪ] adj. 胶黏的

calcium carbide [ˋkɑrbaɪd] 碳化钙

ward off 避开; 挡住

turnip [ˋtɝnɪp] n. 芜菁; 大头菜

cardinal [ˋkɑrdnəl] n.(罗马天主教的)红衣主教,枢机主教


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