Health: The Secret to Feeling Better 健康篇:最佳良药是…?

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What is the best medicine in the world? 何者为世上最佳良药?


(A) Hot water. 热开水。

(B) Laughter. 发笑。

(C) Sleeping. 睡眠。


Researchers from around the world discovered one common thing: laughter can be the best medicine. It relaxes your muscles and improves your health. When you laugh, your body lets out special chemicals. They give you a high and relieve pain. Laughter also makes your blood move more quickly and can lower the chance of heart attacks. However, you must laugh in a certain way. Laughing loudly is the best. That's because it relaxes your entire body and helps you breathe more deeply.


答案是:(B) 发笑。





pill [pɪl] 药丸

tablet [ˋtæblɪt] 药片

capsule [ˋkæps!] 胶囊

ointment [ˋɔɪntmənt] 软膏

eye drop[drɑp] n.眼药水



researcher [riˋsɝtʃɚ] n.研究员;调查者

chemical [ˋkɛmɪk!] n.化学制品

relieve [rɪˋliv] v.缓和,减轻

entire [ɪnˋtaɪr] adj.全部的,整个的