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Where Am I From? 国宝动物配一配-1






Every country has a national animal. That animal represents the country's culture, geography, and people. Can you guess which country each animal belongs to? 每个国家都有自己的代表动物,而这种动物象征着该国文化、地理环境和民族。你能猜出各个动物分别属于那些国家吗?



China  中国

Finland  芬兰

Colombia  歌伦比亚

England  英格兰


A. Lion 狮子

Some people call me the "king" of the animal kingdom. I am a great hunter, but the females usually catch food for the group.  有些人称我作动物界之王。我是优秀的猎手,但是通常由母狮为族群猎食。



B. Brown Bear 棕熊

You can see me eating honey or catching fish. In the fall, I eat a lot of food. That way I can sleep through the long, cold winter.  你可以看到我吃蜂蜜或抓鱼。在秋季我会大量进食,这样我得以冬眠度过漫长又寒冷的冬季。(答案:芬兰)


C. Parrot 鹦鹉

I have bright and colorful feathers. Also, I know how to copy other animals' or humans' voice. 我有鲜艳多彩的羽毛。而且,我知道如何模仿其他动物或人类的声音。(答案:歌伦比亚)


D. Panda 猫熊

The first thing you notice is my white body and black eyes. I eat about 10 kg of bamboo a day. 首先,你会注意到我白白的身驱和黑黑的眼睛。我一天要吃约十公斤的竹子。(答案:中国)



Word Power

kingdom [ˋkɪŋdəm] n.(动、植、矿物)界

Roses are a popular flower in the plant kingdom.



fall [fɔl] n. 秋天

The leaves of many trees turn red and yellow during the fall.



colorful [ˋkʌlɚfəl] adj. 彩色的

Cindy always wears colorful clothing to look pretty.



notice [ˋnotɪs] v. 注意;察觉


Patty got a haircut, but none of her friends noticed it.




More Information  

parrot [ˋpærət] 鹦鹉

feather [ˋfɛðɚ] n. 羽毛

bamboo [bæmˋbu] n. 竹子





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