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The Annoying Colleague 遇到烦人同事怎么办?






Max: Hey Tiff, what's up? 嗨!阿芬,怎么样啊?


Tiffany: My name's Tiffany, not "Tiff". 我的名字叫蒂芬妮,不是阿芬!


Max: Sorry about that Tiff. Hey did you know you're doing your assignments wrong? I saw some of them, and I know for a fact that you made a lot of mistakes. 真是抱歉,阿芬。妳知道妳把工作做得乱七八糟吗?我有看到一些不对的地方,所以我很肯定妳一定错误百出。


Tiffany: Good heavens! You are so annoying, Max. 我的老天啊!麦克斯你真的很烦耶!


Max: I know, isn't it hilarious? Did you know the word "annoy" comes from an Old French word? I learned that when I was in France. 我知道啊,难道妳不觉得很好笑吗?妳知道「烦」的英文是从古法文衍伸而来的吗?这是我在法国时学到的喔!


Tiffany: No, I didn't know that and I don't care. Look, you need to stop bothering me or else I'll report you. 我不知道,而且我也不想知道。听着,你要是再烦我,我就检举你!


Max: Seriously, Tiff? Come on, you wouldn't do that. 妳是认真的吗,阿芬?少来,妳才不会咧!


Tiffany: Yes, seriously. You act like you know everything, and that makes people feel upset. 没错,我是认真的,你自以为是万事通的行径让大家都很不满。


Max: Oh, I'm sorry Tiffany. I never knew I was that much of a bother. At least you told me before I got in trouble. Is there anything I can do to apologize? 噢,抱歉蒂芬妮,我从没想过自己那么惹人厌。不过,至少妳已经在我銡下大错前提醒我了,我能做些什么来道歉吗?


Tiffany: I think you've learned your lesson, so there's no need. 我想你已经学到教训了,所以没那个必要。


Max: I wonder if everyone else feels the same about me. 不晓得大家对我的观感是不是都这么差。


Tiffany: They do. 没错,大家都这么认为。


Max: Ouch. Well, I'm glad we had this talk. From now on, I'm going to stop being a know-it-all. 噢…很庆幸我们有这番谈话,从今以后我不会再自以为无所不知了。


Tiffany: I'm glad to hear that. Maybe you'll find out that other people know a lot, too. 很高兴听到你这么说,或许之后你会发现,其实他人知道的也不少!


by Bryan Shettig.



Word Power

hilarious [hɪˋlɛrɪəs] adj. 极可笑的

Jake is a humorous person and always tells hilarious jokes.



learn [lɝn] v. 学习;学

Leah learned to ride a bicycle when she was six years old.



bother [ˋbɑðɚ] v. 烦扰,打搅

The worker bothered people in his company by talking too much.



at least [list]  至少

The food in this cafe is expensive, but at least it's delicious.



anything [ˋɛnɪ͵θɪŋ] pron. 任何事情

Since we have the day off, we can do anything we want.



know-it-all [ˋnoɪt͵ɔl] n. 假装或自称无所不知的人

Terry is the class know-it-all and thinks he's very smart.




assignment [əˋsaɪnmənt] n. 任务;作业

annoying [əˋnɔɪɪŋ] adj. 恼人的

to know for a fact (that)  确确实实知道.




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