Big Fun in Small Towns! 风情小镇微旅行-1

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(Geoffrey and Kris are busy doing reports. Kris feels stressed.)  (杰弗瑞和克里斯正忙着做报告。克里斯觉得压力很大。)


Kris: I'm under so much pressure lately! I really need a vacation. 我最近压力好大喔!我很需要放个假!


Geoffrey: How about going to Jiufen (九份) and Lugang (鹿港) for the weekend? 这个周末去九份和鹿港如何?


Kris: What's so special about those places?  这些地方有什么特别的?


Geoffrey: They're both small historic towns. 它们都是别具历史意义的小镇。


Kris: Can you tell me more? 能再跟我多说一些吗?


Geoffrey: Jiufen's old streets and food are famous. Plus, it's by the ocean. 九份的老街和美食都很有名;另外,它依傍着海。


Kris: I heard that Hou Hsiao-Hsien (侯孝贤) filmed the movie A City of Sadness悲情城市》there. 我听说侯孝贤曾在那拍过《悲情城市》这部电影。


Geoffrey: That's right! It was also an old gold mining town. 没错!它也是个旧有的淘金小镇。


Kris: I see. You're saying Jiufen is a blast from the past! 我明白了!你的意思是九份能重温往日情怀。


Geoffrey: You got it. It's absolutely worth visiting. 一点也没错。它绝对值得一游!



Word Power

pressure [ˋprɛʃɚ] n. 压力

Jane's parents put pressure on her to get good grades in school.



town [taʊn] n. 镇

All the towns near the big city have train stations.



ocean [ˋoʃən] n. 海洋

My father is a scientist and studies animals in the ocean.



gold [gold] n. 金

Gold is one of the most expensive metals in the world.



More Information

lately [ˋletlɪ] adv. 近来,最近

mining [ˋmaɪnɪŋ] n. 矿业

absolutely [ˋæbsə͵lutlɪ] adv. 完全地; 绝对地

a blast from the past  唤醒回忆的事物





How / What about V-ing?

=Why don't you + 原型V ...?

= Why not + 原型V...?


How about wearing the red dress to the party?

= Why don't you wear the red dress to the party?



What about joining the dance club with me?

= Why not join the dance club with me?



JIUFEN / TAIWAN 2011 [九份/台湾]